Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather
18 May 2016

Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather

The Fight of the Century, or not as the case may be. One of the most talked about fights possibly ever without the fight probably ever happening; can UFC and MMA fighter Conor McGregor do the business against pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather in a Boxing ring.

Boxing Vs MMA two similar yet extremely different sports

MMA stand up vs Boxing

Though known for his knockouts using his fists in the UFC octagon, mixed martial arts even in hand to hand combat is very far afield from the sport which takes place in the ring. For a start stand up in the octagon is a different ball game; if we take the use of kicks, knee's and elbows out of the equation for a second, you still can't compare McGregors knockouts, to boxing ability as the opponent still would have had to worry about the other '6 limbs' whether Conor decides to throw them or not; Essentially there is a lot more to worry about/look out for than just two fists coming at you.

Equally the opposite can be said if mayweather was ever to step into the UFC octagon, he would be riddled with worring about being taken down, kicked to the legs the body all sorts let alone how he would be tied up if he actually got taken to the floor.

MMA Gloves vs Boxing Gloves

So obviously it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or fight expert) to work out that boxing gloves are more padded than mma gloves, the question is how would that fair in a fight between these two. It is fairly well-known knowledge that Floyd is picky about himself and his opponent using fight gloves that he likes, a two second search on youtube shows a video where Mayweather dismisses a pair of gloves chosen for Maidana in their clash and subsequently Maidana ends up wearing a pair of foam pillow gloves approved by Floyd. There is speculation that Mayweather has hand troubles and is perhaps lacking punch power in his later years, therefore wants to dull the opponents blows by forcing them to wear a more padded glove.

Wearing a more padded glove could then take away the punch venom of McGregor and by coming forward in his square on style he is likely to be picked off by Floyd's far slicker boxing.

Equally if this was in MMA the odds would be in Mcgregors favour with Floyd only getting older and looking at recent history his knockout percentage is at an all time low. Lacking punch power and possibly having hand injury troubles means that even in MMA gloves his power on a Mcgregor jaw probably wouldn't be enough to knock him out; not to metion he would have to worry about kicks elbows and knee's therefore, he would probably end up getting tagged and knocked out by a powerful punch from mcgregor if and when he can hit him with one. Even if Conor couldn't catch Floyd with a straight up punch he would manage to following a kick or takedown.

Overall analysis:

Boxing - Mayweather easy points win.

MMA - Mcgregor TKO or submission

Boxing in MMA gloves - Interesting option.

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