Fight Outlet Promotions and Boxing News
22 October 2014

Fight Outlet Promotions and Boxing News

At Fight Outlet Ltd. we pride ourselves in producing great service along with our range of high quality Boxing, Martial arts, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, MMA and Muay thai equipment to give a bit of appreciation back to our loyal customers, we are going to be giving free postage for all UK addresses on all of the products right the way from gum shields and hand wraps to punch bags and boxing gloves which can all be found on our website, the only exclusion to the rule is boxing rings. Get the most of ‘Free Post Thursday’ by using our coupon code ‘FREEPOSTTHURS’ in the checkout section of our website.
To get the full effect of our generosity if your order also exceeds £50 we will give a free promotional Fight Outlet T-shirt for your to hit the heavy bag, grapple, skip or run in, in fact any type of training. Both of these promotions will be running only this thursday, so whatever you want to buy take full advantage on the 23/10/2015.

In the new additions to the website, we have the brand new FBGV-43 Twins Black-Pink Stripe Boxing Gloves which are handmade in Thailand and used in much of their Muay Thai training, but are also very popular in the worlds of MMA, Boxing and martial arts they are suitable for heavy bag, sparring as well as hook and jab pad work, a great boxing glove with a very unique snug feel.

Also among the new additions are the also brand new FBGV-34 Twins White-Red Koi Carp Boxing Gloves with this beautiful koi carp design on the week known Muay thai glove that has been hand made in Thailand used for years by the Thai in their hard working training camps hitting the heavy bags, long hours of sparring and pad work, you know these gloves will be built to last and trained in by many MMA, K1 and Muay thai champions these are a great set of gloves with a new design.


An 18 year old Light-Heavyweight Croatian Boxer Vido Loncar has been banned from boxing for his national federation for life after assaulting Polish referee Mageja Dziurgota at the end of a bout at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb.

At the end of the bout following a controversial stoppage to Vido he returned calmly to his corner though obviously in disarray as to why the bout had ended in what seemed to be a very soft stoppage. Vido returned to the centre of the ring for the announcement of the winner to be made and then turned and punched the referee Mageja dropping him to the floor as opponent Lithuanian boxer Algirdas Baniulis fled the ring and Vido then followed up with several more blows,before being dragged out of the ring.

Though it is well known in boxing that there can be very controversial decisions when boxing away from home, this kind of behaviour is extremely unacceptable and the professionalism and respect that should be given to the officials regardless of how poor the decision is the only thing that keeps it a sport rather than a thugs punch up.

All said and done this is unacceptable and just punishment on Vido has been served with his lifetime ban, however when will unjust decisions in our great sport stop?

The CBF said: "We apologise to the world boxing organisation - AIBA - and the European boxing organisation - EUBC, to the International Olympic Committee, the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Education and the Office of Education and Sport in the city of Zagreb for the brutal attack on an official by the Croatian national team representative and the damage to boxing that is caused by the act."

Vido is currently in Custody for the Assault.

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