More chances than ever for martial artists to go for gold
02 August 2021

More chances than ever for martial artists to go for gold

Whether you are a fan, a competitor or you practice martial arts for fun or fitness, it is encouraging to see martial artists make history.

And the Olympics have brought plenty of opportunities to do just that.

In 2012, Jade Jones won Britain’s first Tae Kwon Do gold medal, and then successfully defended her title at the 2016 games.

The delayed 2020 Tokyo games give more opportunities than ever for martial artists to showcase their skills, as karate will be featured in the Olympics for the first time.

This is in addition to other combat sports, such as boxing, Tae Kwon Do and judo.

There are sure to be a lot of eyes on the world’s karateka, as they take to the Olympic stage for the first time - even if fans won’t be there due to the ongoing pandemic.

If you are thinking of beginning to practice a martial art, the Olympics is a great opportunity to see what different arts focus on. Taekwondo features a lot of kicks, judo concentrates on throws and holds while karate uses a variety of strikes, as well as kata - showing you have perfected the technique rather than using it to beat an opponent.

Making martial arts history at the Olympics is sure to inspire a new generation of practitioners. After all, the numbers practicing taekwondo in the UK went up a lot after 2012.

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