World Cup Boxing Set Offer
18 June 2014

World Cup Boxing Set Offer

Here at Fight Outlet so as to not just support boxing but sport in general, we like to get in the spirit of the world cup, so we are doing a one time offer of a pair of boxing gloves that we feel are one of the more versatile pairs at a great price so that more people can benefit from this great offer. The boxing gloves that we have included in the offer are the Adidas response Red/White/Blue training gloves, which funnily enough are in the UK colour way. The Adidas Response boxing gloves can be used by any level of athlete from beginner to professional, with the main uses for them we feel being kids sparring gloves, kids training gloves of all sorts, for both men and women they can be used for hook and jab pad work, and for hitting the punchbag.

This set is also very much in the category for the boxing fitness crowd, with things like Boxercise becoming more and more popular in the fitness gyms up and down the country, this is a great set at a great price to start you off, with no more of those sweaty mouldy bag gloves that have been used by every Tom, Dick and Harry there for the past 5 years to put you off ever returning, and your own beautiful new boxing set for just £26.99 with hand wraps to stop you from cutting your hands and damaging your wrists, not to mention a free skipping rope that can be used for warm ups cardio training.

This is a one time offer and once we have sold out that is it, so if you want to benefit from our love of sport, fitness and boxing get involved now, as you won't see this quality of boxing gloves, hand wraps and skipping rope, at this price in a set. In between watching the world cup we hope you find the time to get your boxing gloves on and hit some leather, get some sparring in, skip like Floyd Mayweather, and hit the hook and jab pads like you mean it. Whether you want to be a world champion of just get in shape we can get you there.

To reap full benefits from this offer if you buy two Adidas response boxing sets at the same time we will also chuck in some FREE Fight Outlet T-shirts for you and your friend to train in or if you are looking to buy multiple boxing glove sets for a boxing club, for a boxercise class, a bootcamp or just a boxing fitness class, give us a call and we may be able to sort out a deal.

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