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Pick the Right Boxing Gloves

Fight Outlet offers a huge range of boxing gloves for all kinds of fighting whether it’s for boxing itself or other fighting sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, or martial arts. We offer a range of boxing and mma gloves for professional fights as well at training or sparring in lace and velcro closures. Fight Outlet has many boxing gloves from many brands at different price points including Cleto Reyes, Lonsdale, Pro Box, Carbon claw and Winning. In the mma equipment sector we have quality gear from Bad boy and Venom to name a few.

Boxing gloves come in different types, if you are new to boxing and unsure what to get we have identified below some of the different types of gloves and what to look for. If you are still unsure please feel free to get in touch.

What are the best boxing gloves for bag work?

Bag gloves are growing in popularity with the increase of bag work amongst non-fighters fitness routines and consequently there are more people using the wrong gloves.

There are different types you can use; modern bag gloves are heavier than mitts and those previously used with denser foam than sparring gloves to make them more durable. They generally weight 10-14oz, which is closer to a fighting glove weight which enables you to hit harder for longer and so get more from your bag training. It is still suggested you wrap your hands for extra protection against hand and wrist injury.

Traditionally lighter gloves were used for bag work in the past and some trainers and fighters still prefer this “old school” method. These lighter bag gloves are designed to protect your skin while training to toughen up your knuckles. There are criticisms that this can increase the risk of injury. They are lighter than fighting gloves so be prepared for the difference when moving on to live opponents.

What are the best punching gloves for sparring?

Sparring gloves are generally more cushioned than fighting gloves to reduce the risk of injury during training before a fight. The cushion is less dense than a bag glove so shouldn’t be used for bag training. The best weight for sparring can vary depending on your weight class but generally 14oz-20oz is advisable with 14oz-16oz seeming most popular.

If you are training for a fight it may be worth finding out the weight of the gloves you will fight with in competition and training to the same weight so you are accustomed on the day.

What are the best boxing gloves for fighting?

Competition fighting requires different attention and fighting gloves are different to sparring or bag gloves, getting the right glove is crucial. Fighting gloves are normally smaller to enable to fighter more freedom to move and deliver maximum damage to the opponent. It is not recommended to use these during training.

The requirements for amateur and professional competitions can be different and it is worth being aware of these before choosing your gloves. Depending on the event the weight and thickness of the gloves may be specified and it is worth checking beforehand so that you can train and prep appropriately. If you are in a professional fight it is worth getting a higher standard of gloves, your opponent probably will. It is advisable to invest further in getting really top quality gloves to give yourself the maximum edge in the ring.

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