Before stepping into the ring to engage in any number of combat sports, it’s always important to understand the importance of protection. Safety should always be a priority, whether you are training, sparring or competing. That’s why here at Fight Outlet we’ve gathered together and extensive range of body protection gear.

Our range includes top quality brands such as Adidas, Cimac and more, all of which provide excellent body protection equipment. Top sellers from this range include the Cimac Moulded Body Protector which offers premium protection with a comfortable fit. Another favourite with customers is the Adidas WTF TKD Body Protector which was worn by the GB TKD team.

While we have a great range of other protection gear, such as head guards, mouth guards, shin guards and more, we feel that body protection gear is equally important. So many vital organs are exposed during physical combat, and with our collection of body protection equipment, those vital organs are fully protected from any hard hits you might take!

Browse and buy from our range of body protection gear from Fight Outlet. Made using only the very best materials, our selections are expertly crafted to ensure the highest levels of safety in the ring.

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