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When it comes to choosing training gloves, it can be tough knowing what to buy. After all, there are two options to choose from. So, do you choose the Velcro training gloves or the lace up ones? And that’s just for starters.

Then you have to think about what size you need and whether you need them for sparring or for bag work.

There’s just so many things to take into consideration.

Which is where we at Fight Outlet come in. With our knowledge of the combat sport world, let us help you decide what kind of glove is best for you.

While the Lace up gloves give a snugger and more secure fit, many people prefer the Velcro training gloves simply because they are easier to use. For a start, you won’t need any help in getting them on!

The Velcro acts as a second wrist wrap, which gives extra security to the wrist.

At Fight Outlet, we stock a huge range of Velcro training gloves. All available in different sizes and price brackets to suit your needs.

Our collection of Velcro training gloves come from leading names in the combat sport world, including Adidas, T-Sport, Clecto Reyes and Venum, so you are guaranteed great quality at an affordable price.

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