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MMA Sparring Gloves

Mixed Martial Arts gloves differ greatly from boxing gloves. The most noticeable difference is that MMA gloves are open fingered.

This feature leaves the fingers available for grappling manoeuvres.

Not only are MMA Gloves different in their appearance, but they also offer varying amounts of protection. Because they are open fingered, they don’t have the same amount of padding. In fact, MMA gloves tend to be much sleeker than their boxing equivalents.

MMA gloves were first introduced for two reasons. One was to give the hands of the fighters some protection and the other was to reduce stoppages in matches due to facial lacerations.

The padding on the back of the glove protects the fighter’s hands from injury while the open palm still allows for some flexibility compared to boxing gloves.

While the majority of professional fights require participants to wear the 4 ounce gloves, amateurs may wear the heavier 6 ounce gloves, for a bit of extra protection.

At Fight Outlet, we have a vast range of MMA Gloves from a selection of big name brands such as Sandee, Pro-box, Venum and Cleto Reyes. Our MMA gloves come in a variety of different styles. 

Our range of gloves come in many different materials, each with different protection qualities. From gloves made of soft leather and durable latex to Skintex and layered foam, secured with a Velcro you are sure to find the right MMA Gloves for you.

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