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Protection in the ring is important for all fighters, were they are seasoned professionals or budding amateurs. That’s why we have collected together an extensive range of junior boxing head guards to help ensure that young boxers and fledgling combat sports enthusiasts stay protected.

We have junior boxing head guards from all the heavy hitting brands such as Adidas, Sandee and Pro Box. Each of these top quality brands put great focus on crafting very robust and comfortable head guards for juniors, with the synthetic leather face reinforced by the multi foam engineering within.

Our range of junior boxing head guards extends across a range of colours and styles, including open face and close face designs, with the latter offering excellent protection to the temples, forehead and cheeks. Perfect for use in a wide range of combat sports such as boxing, MMA, kickboxing and Taekwon-do, our junior boxing head guards are just one aspect of our huge range of protection gear that also includes mouth guards, shin guards and more.

Browse and buy from our extensive range of high quality yet cheap junior boxing head guards and ensure that young fighters stay protected in the ring. Find combat protection gear for children from Fight Outlet, the UK’s number one fight equipment retailer.

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