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Fight outlet don’t just stock the clothing and protective gear for MMA fighters. We also stock a fantastic range of equipment.

Strike pads are a great piece of gym equipment in the world of combat sports. MMA pads can help you become a better fighter by allowing you to work on your technique, while also providing you with a great whole body workout.

MMA pads differ from the focus mitts used in boxing in that they tend to be bigger and heavier

With our MMA Pads, you can perfect your technique while burning fat and toning those muscles. Strike pads also give your sparring partner an equally good workout, you land the hits while they have to keep the pad up.

We have a Lonsdale Flat Strike Shield which is made of heavy duty PU, constructed with a high density, super shock absorbent foam inner that can take a hit.

Whether you are in training for your next tournament or just want to stay in shape, a good workout pushes you to the limit while reducing the risk of injury. That’s why buying a good quality MMA Pad is important – it allows you to reach your full potential safety. So, get yours today from Fight Outlet.


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