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Muay Thai, a combat sport with a long history in Thailand and throughout South East Asia, has become a very popular sport here in the UK. And it continues to grow in popularity, with many enthusiasts heading to Thailand to attend training camps in Thailand.

We’ve followed this growing popularity and put together a great selection of Muay Thai headgear that will keep you safe when you step into the ring. With options from top brands such as Sandee, Twins and more, we are confident you’ll find the perfect piece of Muay Thai headgear from Fight Outlet.

Our Muay Thai headgear extends across a variety of colours and we have both open face closed face styles, with the latter providing unrivalled protection to the temple, forehead and cheeks. With this combat sport being fairly fierce, it’s important to step into the ring with the right protection, whether you are an experienced fighter, budding amateur or junior combatant.

Muay Thai headgear from Fight Outlet is crafted from only the very best materials, including synthetic leather and engineered layering below to provide the very best protection. Browse and buy from our collection of fight protection equipment that also includes shin guards, mouth guards and much more.

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