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How to get the Right Punching Bag

With so many punch bags to choose from you might get lost! That is why Fight Outlet is here to help. Our huge range of punching bags bring you the best in boxing, with all the major brands offering many styles from Lonsdale, Sandee to Pro Box we’ve got what it takes to kit out your club or home gym.

Heavy Bags

Bags normally come in weight categories ranging from 20kg to 60kg. It is best to pick the weight that is relative to the weight division you are in and how hard you punch. Punch bags also come in different heights with ranges from 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. The height of the bag can be useful depending on your own height or the height of the opponent you will be facing. The longer bags are suited to both kicking and punching.  

Other types of Bags

Uppercut bags, angle bags and wall mounted bags offer a great alternative to your standard punching bags to really mix up your training and make you a more complete fighter. Free standing bags are the answer when it comes to a lack of hanging support and are an ideal solution to a home gym.

Speed bags

Speed balls or speed bags as they are otherwise known are made for increasing anyone’s timing or precision, which is essential in the fighting sports, they also become a very fun training tool. Floor to ceiling balls are hard to master but impressive once conquered are a brilliant solution to improving accuracy moving and bopping like an opponent’s head.

For help picking the right punch bag for your needs just get in contact and we’ll be happy to help you, you’ll be dancing around one in no time.

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