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The free standing punch bag is an exceptionally useful piece of equipment that is great for a huge range of combat sports, from boxing to MMA.

Here at Fight Outlet, we stock a huge range of free standing punch bags.

Our free standing punch bags that are based upon the human body, which allows you to focus on particular target points on an opponent’s body, to a traditional cylindrical shaped bag that you can practice your overall technique.

With such an expansive range, we can be sure you will find the free standing punch bag that is right for you. As the name suggests, these punch bags differ to the straight punch bags as they do not hang from a ceiling, instead, they stand on their own.

Some of our free standing punch bags are adjustable, making them perfect for fighters who practice different combat sports, or for use in a gym where it can be used by multiple people.

Unlike the hanging punch bags, some of our free standing punch bags are ideal for use at home. So get a high quality, professional punch bag today from Fight Outlet and give yourself a fantastic workout while practicing your techniques.

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