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Straight punch bags are perfect for practicing and perfecting your fighting techniques.  

Its long length makes it ideal for sports such as boxing, Thai boxing and MMA training.

The straight punch bag may not look like it is a diverse piece of equipment, but it is a great tool for practicing a wide range of moves. From jabs and cross hooks to straight kicks and round-kicks.

Using a straight punch bag provides an all-over body workout that allows you to improve your strength, endurance, burn fat and tone your muscles.

At Fight Outlet, we have a range of straight punch bags from a variety of big sporting brand names, including Adidas, Sandee, Lonsdale and Exigo among others. 

Straight punch bags come in a range of different sizes. With bag sizes starting at 2ft and going right up to 6ft, we can guarantee that there is a straight punch bag for you, whether you are a completely new to the sport, are a junior trainee or a seasoned pro.

Our punch bags are available in genuine leather or heavy duty PU. Each and every punch bag is specially designed and produced to high professional standards.

Get the best workout with a straight punch bag from Fight Outlet.

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