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Have you been searching for boxing shorts and haven’t quite found a pair that makes the grade? Looking for something a little more specialist? A little more unique? A pair that defines you as a fighter? How does a pair of swish bespoke, custom boxing sports sound?

Here at Fight Outlet, we can custom make many different styles of beautiful custom boxing shorts; featuring tassels, sequins, velvet, satin or whatever you wish, in a range of different colours and styles. As a unique boxer, with your own personal style and character in the ring, we think it’s only right that you should be able to set yourself apart from the competition with a pair of custom boxing shorts. We can create bespoke shorts that really capture who you are as a boxer!

Contact us today and we’ll endeavour to help you out with the perfect pair of custom boxing shorts. Shop online with us today, and we guarantee that you’ll find only the highest quality, most durable and comfortable picks in our collection, at very affordable prices. So go on, try us out for yourself today and find out why we're the UK's leading boxing, MMA and fight equipment retailer!

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