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Elasticated Cuff Sleeves for combat sports are designed to cover laces and cuffs to give you that extra level of protection whilst training or sparring. A simple yet very handy piece of boxing protection gear, they slip on and securely cover boxing glove cuffs.

Among our wide range of elasticated cuff sleeves we feature heavy hitting brands such as Lonsdale, and top quality items such as the one size fits all Lonsdale elasticated cuff sleeves in black, with a ribbed design for extra protection and comfort for your wrists, helping you keep training for longer.

As experienced fighting, boxing and MMA clothing retailers, we understand the need for sporting gear that ticks all the checkboxes. That’s why we’ve ensured that only the best selections make our collections, with focus on optimal performance, durability and comfort. And we’ve made sure that the same rules apply to our quality range of elasticated cuff sleeves.

Shop online with us, and we guarantee that you’ll find only the highest quality, most durable and comfortable picks in our collection, at very affordable prices. So go on, try us out for yourself today and find out why we're the UK's leading boxing, MMA and fight equipment retailer!

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